Where did I get Herpes?

I asked my boyfriend to get tested for Herpes type 2.  Hard headed that he is, he got a general STD test.  (I told him my gynecologist said he needed to take the same igG test I had, which is a specific DNA test for Herpes – not a generic STD test).  He came back negative.

Someone shoot me.

So it’s either these 2 things :

  1. I got it from an ex boyfriend since my dilution level is 1:10 which means this was not my first outbreak
  2. I got it from my current boyfriend who is asymptomatic but general viral test is negative, but big possibility for a positive result if he gets the igG DNA specific test.

But here’s the kicker… Even if he tests positive for herpes, I still would not know if I got Herpes from him, or if he got his herpes from me.

I’ve been wondering the last 3 weeks who gave me this life-long disease. Oh, it’s incurable by the way… I have to live with Herpes forever.

Here’s a link that helped me come to a decision on how to track down the culprit!

Yup, I decided that it is a waste of time.  I refuse to go through the humiliation of asking my 5 previous ex boyfriends that I dated the last 11 years to get tested.  Like what my doctor said “What for?” She said it would just give me a lot more stress which would lead to another outbreak.

SO SCREW THEM ALL, all 5 potential culprit ex boyfriends!

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The day I found out I had an STD

Before I start about the day I found out I had an STD, allow me to share with you my dating history.

I started dating at the age of 16.  My first boyfriend told me if he loved me, I would show him and make love with him.  Fool that I was after a few months of dating, I lost my virginity at the age of 17.  He’s a lawyer now, and ironically – is living with Hepatitis.

For the last 11 years of dating, I’ve gone out with only 5 men.  My shortest relationship is a year, and my longest relationship was my last one of 3 years.  I don’t sleep around, I don’t pick up or get picked up by men in bars, I don’t sleep with strangers, friends, and neither do I have one night stands.  My rule on dating was this : “Only make love with someone whom you are truly in love with”.

For most people, they’ve probably already slept with 11 men in 5 months.  20 different women in a year.  I always thought my number was quite low, especially from watching American movies, Music videos from MTV, and stories I hear from girlfriends and guy friends that he or she slept with some random person they met at a party.  I always need to be in a romantic, secure, loving, and committed relationship before I sleep with someone.

I met “A” last yearo.  I previously met him 9 years ago in school but since he just moved to my city, we re-connected and hit it off.  After a few months of dating, we were in a committed relationship and slept together.  For the first 3 months, I would bleed after sexual intercourse.  I figured “A” was well endowed and I was not used to his size.  It had also been 6 months before my previous 3 year relationship ended.

By the 3rd month, I decided to see a doctor due to pain in my vagina.  After the first check-up, round of tests and what nots, I found out I had PCOS or Polycistic Ovary Syndrome.  More than 12 cysts on my left ovary, and more than 12 cysts as well on my right ovary.  My mattress was measured as well, and it was a certain cm thick that meant during the friction of intercourse, the bleeding would occur the next day due to the hitting of the mattress (Or something like that!).  I also found out that I would have trouble conceiving a child with my condition.  This made me cry.

My boyfriend insisted we seek a second opinion.  When my doctor inspected me and after DNA testing, not only do i have immature cells in my ovaries, an unsual thickening of my mattress, but I am positive for Type 2 Herpes.

My whole world fell and left me in tears.

Positive result

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